Expanding Particles of Enchantment

Discovering Beauty

Being amazed at the possibilities all around me and curious about my own art practice has me in the studio making new things. I have been experimenting and playing with mixed media and really connecting with my deep inner knowing. This is what I love about the art I make! I can bring Beauty to my eyes, my hands and my heart while expanding my perspective and deepening the path to my intuition.

The following series are the flowers and fruits from seeds I planted and tended. Enjoy the mystical expression of my inner world and the Wild Beauty held within.

Creativity can bring you to your knees and send you floating into the cosmos. Through my visual art practice and my creative guidance coaching, my goal is to infuse this world with more Beauty, Beloging, and Belief. We have the tools, power, magic and medicine within us to create the lives we deserve and desire. Beauty and creativity brings clarity and pleasure to the air we breath. Explore this journey with me. This is a path of Recovery - recovering the True Self.