Intentional Creativity


People have been creating with intention all over the world in every medium since the beginning of time. Intentional Creativity® is an approach to art making that brings a heightened awareness to the power and magic of intention. 

When painting in this manner, I experience the thoughts about whatever transformation I am working towards, the visual illustration, storytelling and design I am associating with my thoughts and the witnessing of this experience when I reflect on my process and my creation. 

By working with image, design and language, we have the ability to transform ourselves and the world around us. We create art for beauty, self-expression, healing, transformation, liberation and as a way to send love and light out into the Universe.

Intentional Creativity® is a method of creating that allows for sustained mindfulness and produces work that “reflects the longings and break-throughs of our Soul. (Shiloh Sophia)”

I have been making intuitive art with purpose for many years and through my explorations, I discovered Shiloh Sophia and Intentional Creativity®.  I am currently enrolled and passionately working through the Color of Woman Teacher Training. It has been absolutely life-changing and I am so excited to share my artwork and my teachings with others. 

For more information about my artwork or about Intentional Creativity® workshop offerings, please contact me. I would love to share the blissful and powerful wisdom I have experienced through this work.

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Instagram: @kellybeth17