About the Artist

I am fascinated by the field of infinite possibilities presented through the process of creativity. When I work, I draw from an intuitive realm and seek to alchemize the inner beauty of spontaneous mark making into imagery, form and purpose. By exploring playful wisdom through my intuitive approach, I gain a better understanding of myself and the universe around me. Through the creation process, I inspire curiosity and contribute visual grace.

I start with an inspirational experience that helps connect me to a deep inner knowing. This experience is a noticing of Beauty within and around me - light, leaves, poetry, conversation, and wild exploration. I approach the “blank page” and begin adding color, marks, shape and texture. The beginning of the work is an intentional processing and often symbols, marks, and colors become representative of ideas and inquiries. Sometimes the work remains a complete abstraction and sometimes recognizable forms emerge. When forms do emerge, the amount of detail will depend on the intention of the piece.

As an artist and educator with over twenty-five years of art experience, I work with Art as a way to integrate and inspire intuition, mindfulness, playfulness and loveliness. I capture my work through a variety of mixed media including painting, drawing, art journaling, intuitive discovery, and many other inspired means of reflecting the artistry around me. I also use my creative wisdom to inspire the creative practices of others having taught fifteen years as a professional art educator and five years as a creative workshop leader.

I believe that appreciating beauty in art and in the world around us is evidence that we are living a truly magical existence.

See more of my artwork, process and creative workshop opportunities on FaceBook @Kelly Beth Bonsall or on Instagram @kellybeth17



Recent Shows and Exhibitions

  • Community Group Show, Inspired Minds Art Center, Buda, CA, 2022
  • “Muse”, Musea, Sonoma, CA, March 2019
  • "When Pigs Fly" Group Show, Studio 180, Santa Rosa, CA, March 2019 - June 2019
  • Community Group Show, Rohnert Park Library, Rohnert Park, CA, March 2019
  • "Poetry Paintings" Solo Show, Fogbelt Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, CA, July 2018
  • Local Artists Group Show, Agent Ink Gallery, Santa Rosa, CA, December 2017 - January 2018